ICU Nurses Desperately Needed To Help Save Lives
Covid-19 Response

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Now, more than ever, hospitals around the country are in desperate need for ICU nurses to care for patients and help save lives during the coronavirus pandemic. With over 1,000,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States, hospitals are dramatically understaffed.

Prime Staffing, a New York based Healthcare Professional Recruitment Company, is searching nationwide to recruit highly skilled ICU nurses and is now offering up to three times (3x) the normal wage to work in hospitals.

Prime Staffing provides concierge service to ensure nurses do not need anything while on the job.

“This is an urgent situation. We are offering a range of benefits to ICU nurses including help with transportation, accommodation, healthcare, quarantine pay, child-care and meals. We need to protect those on the frontline and do whatever it takes to keep them both mentally and physically strong. We at Prime Staffing are committed to protecting them. We are fighting a war and they are our troops. We deeply appreciate their courage, passion and devotion to providing patient care while risking their own lives.” – Michael Fazio, CEO of Prime Staffing.

Please help Prime Staffing fight this pandemic by getting the word out to ICU nurses around the country. Reach out via Facebook @PrimeStaffingNYC; nurses can also email resumes directly to